Thursday, December 24, 2009

Identity Trust Network

Identities in "the Cloud" have taken and interesting form.  When I think of my Identity on the web today, I attempt to expose data that I think will be of benefit to me (either true or not), so my Identity cannot be trusted by someone who does not really know me.  Now, when you think of my Identity you take in consideration information I provided and information others provide (true or not).  Therefore, trust is key for you and I to be able to perform a transaction.

Here is a term I have been thinking about: “Identity Trust Network”, where Identity Providers attest the claims of an Identity and allow the consumption of trusted identity data based on the Identity owner allowed usage.

This term came to mind when thinking about Identity in the Cloud and its meaning.  The following was my train of thought:

- For Identity to exist in the Cloud, it requires a provider of this data.
- Identity data represents an individual (Identity Owner).
- This individual has provided their identity data to the provider.
- The provider must attest that the identity data is trusted.
- The trusted identity data will be consumed by a third party based on the owner's allowed usage (privacy)
- Identity Owner and third-party perform a transaction

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