Monday, December 28, 2009

Letting Users Manage Their Online Identities - Government 2.0

The posted an interview with Heather West from the Center for Democracy and Technology.  Heather explained how User-Centric Identity works and the plans the government has to allow a few websites allow user's to authenticate/register with third-party data.

This is getting interesting since it can definitely be a driver for "Identity in the Cloud".  User-Centric Identity can be beneficial for end-user's who want to protect their privacy by demanding granular controls of their data from their Identity Providers (a great example is Facebook).  Facebook, although far from perfect when it comes to privacy, has changed their privacy methods and protections based on end-user demands and market drivers (for better or worse).  Now, I am not saying Social Networks are the only option for Identity Providers, but Facebook is a good example since it holds the largest number of personal identifiable identities.

I am going to try to keep up with "Government 2.0" (Open Government) and how it affects Identity,  I think this will drive Identity Management in the next decade.

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